From Anxiety to Vitality

Welcome and Congratulations to taking the first steps to your From Anxiety to Vitality Program. This program is designed to help you find the tools you need to manage and eradicate anxiety in your life.

In my quest for my own personal health I discovered a great way to deal with and overcome my unnecessary anxiety. It has taken me on a 10- year journey of trying different supplements, modalities, breathing, chiropractic, acupuncture and meditation. I have read too numerous of books to list on the subject and gleaned many great techniques for coping and handling stress.

While everyone’s anxiety is unique to them there are some elements that run true for everyone.

Mainly that the cause of anxiety is having a past experience, typically an unpleasant or traumatic experience(s). We get anxiety when we project that experience or memory onto the future and believe that the same thing or worse will happen. We continue to repeat the memory in our brain and apply it to a future situation or imagine it happening again. Uncertainty is absolutely central to anxiety. Anxiety is about being concerned about something that might happen in the future. Often this worry turn out to be impractical and a waste of time – 9 in 10 things people most frequently worry about never come to pass.

Four Pillars of the From Anxiety to Vitality Program

You will become familiar with how your body works and what nutrients it needs, how neurotransmitters play a part in your brain wellness, how to become aware of your breath and how it regulates your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system as well as your heart, and how to quiet the mind through guided meditation and HeartMath and NeurOptimal® neurofeedback.


This portion of the program with include Zyto testing for a customized nutritional and dietary protocol. We will run a MaxPulse to find out what are the strongest underlying stressors to your body and your resistance to them.


In this portion of the program we will have you doing NeurOptimal neurofeedback and HeartMath to guide your brain through a training of sorts to calm itself and find greater ease in coping with stressors.


Since most of anxiety comes from some sort of faulty belief pattern this section of the program utilizes Evox to help change perceptions of old belief patterns.


Here you will learn how to do some breathing patterns to anchor you and get you in touch with yourself. It is the single most powerful transformational tool available to us and when coupled with meditation it is dynamic.

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