Dealing With Anxiety

While everyone’s anxiety is unique to them there are some elements that run true for everyone.

Mainly that the cause of anxiety is having a past experience, typically an unpleasant or traumatic experience(s). We get anxiety when we project that experience or memory onto the future and believe that the same thing or worse will happen. We continue to repeat the memory in our brain and apply it to a future situation or imagine it happening again. Uncertainty is absolutely central to anxiety. Anxiety is about being concerned about something that might happen in the future. Often this worry turn out to be impractical and a waste of time – 9 in 10 things people most frequently worry about never come to pass.

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Managing Stress

Stress is inevitable, but we can help you manage it.

Stress is difficult for scientists to define because it is a subjective sensation associated with varied symptoms that differ for each of us. Things that are distressful for some individuals can be pleasurable for others. We also respond to stress differently. Some people blush, some eat more while others grow pale or eat less.

In addition, stress is not always a synonym for distress. Situations like a steep roller coaster ride that cause fear and anxiety for some can prove highly pleasurable for others. Winning a race or election may be more stressful than losing but this is good stress.

We will help you identify stressful areas of your life and help you manage it so that you can live a productive life.


Eat Balanced

Regardless of the diet you follow, the primary goal should always be the same: maintaining good blood sugar (glucose) control.

You can achieve and maintain optimal health only when you are on a diet that promotes hormone balance; that balance depends on a steady blood sugar level. Eating the proper combination of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates regularly and in moderate amounts helps to sustain that balance.

I Want To Eat balanced

Food Sensitivities

Is Something bothering You?

We are in the midst of an allergy explosion. It’s estimated that 30–75% of Americans have sensitivities..

Before looking at ways to support the immune system to reduce allergies, it’s important to understand the distinction between allergies and sensitivities. Scientists assert that the only true allergies are those that result from the activation of IgE antibodies.

However, millions of people experience symptoms of sensitivity to a food or other substance without the IgE antibody reaction, and often without any increase of antibodies of any type. These reactions may be referred to as reactivity, intolerance, hypersensitivity, or sensitivity. However, I find that “sensitivity” is the best term because it’s the most accurate.

I think something is bothering me


You are what you digest

If digestive function is compromised, it's not just your body's nutrient status that suffers. The health of the gut greatly impacts brain function, hormone balance, immune regulation, and so much more...

The Gastrointestinal System, which handles your digestive function, also contains a vast mucosal barrier. Gut inflammation and a compromised mucosal barrier can be caused by bacterial and parasitic infections, food additives, environmental toxins, mental & emotional stress, and a host of other stressors. This can severely limit digestion, lead to inflammation in other areas of the body, and have a huge negative impact on the Immune System and Hormonal/Endocrine System.

In order for your body’s cells, tissues, and organs to get both proper nutrition and eliminate toxins, your digestive organs need to be supported in a way that eliminates any stress that compromises this amazing system.

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